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Let’s go with the 2nd part of this use case using prophet to predict the future of UK sales.

Remember that in the previous post we loaded the dataset this way:

# Loading the dataset with pandas
dataset = pd.read_excel(io='/content/sample_data/Online Retail.xlsx')
dataset = pd.DataFrame(dataset)

In this example we are going to analyze the sales of a company in several countries: the consumer behavior using clustering and the revenue forecast using time-series with prophet library.

In this first part, we’ll use K-MEANS and hieralchical clustering.

Clustering is a non-supervised technique in ML.

We’ll use elbow…


Deep Learning has a huge range of applications including health and diagnostics.

I would like to explain how we can deploy a complete cloud solution using CNN to classify covid pneumonia, normal pneumonia and non-pneumonia using X-ray scan.

For this solution, we’ll use transfer learning (ResNet50) and Convolutional Networks.

Eva Andres

Senior Manager, FullStack Architect, AI Specialized

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